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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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flooded reads, and at least one home. live look downtown san francisco i'll show you where the rain is still falling and showers and thunderstorms hanging around the next two days. good morning. flooded roads and high wind advisories around the bay area. all details in a few minutes. hundreds pack an oakland city council meeting to speak out and controversial proposals to tackle the city's youth violence. include expanding gang injunctions and nighttime curfew and anti-loitering ordinance. >> good wednesday morning, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. hopefully the rain will lessen. >> i think it will. but it has already had affect. mike did you drive through the big puddle at the toll plaza this morning? >> no. i was almost lake size. here's some of the rainfall.
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half inch around oakland, san francisco, hayward quarter of an inch around livermore. more than an inch into ken field, napa st. health loon that, two inches in ben loma. steadiest moving through the south bay, on time with what we talked about yesterday. one the steady rain rolls through we still have ponding on the roads. to the north waves of energy gives us showers and thunderstorms with small hail and brief heavy rain not only today but tomorrow be on the lookout for that traffic could be a mess. here's how it is now, high wind advisories on most of the bridges. bay bridge both directions dunbarton, san mateo, southbound 880 before dixon landing road accident lane 4. flooding and "sig alert" santa
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cruz mountains. flooding in right at lucky drive northbound all lanes blocked. >> the storm is causing challenges for drivers and destruction to homes. amy how is the flooding there? >> reporter: there is a little puddle that we love to could have right over there it is subsiding a little there. is wind to talk about here. you might encounter gusts of up to 30 miles per hour. the main story during this storm has been the rain. we showed you yesterday crews clearing storm drains to prepare. this morning, we have video of what happens if you don't do that. this is in sausalito, two story apartment building flooded this morning. two drains were clogged and the water was looking for somewhere to go. it flooded the homes, seven inches of standing water it
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happened about 2:00 this morning. >> the drain was clogged at the top of the street, which made a pool of water. the pool of water found a way to escape, went through the front door down the stairwell into the units downstairs. >> reporter: i was telling a forecaster, he wind surprised he said sausalito got more than an inch of rain overnight. meteorologists say the worst has passed for now. no major problems. usual flooding on lucky drive and marin county, a little flooding on the san rafael richmond bridge nothing major. now the worst has passed. we can look at this as a good dress rehearsal for what is to come. good chance to locate the drain -- locate the rain boots, umbrellas and clear out the
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storm drains. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. how about those snow boots as the storm brings rain, the first measurable snow to the sierra. if you keep an eye on the lights you can see the snow still falling lightly. definitely you can see the wind gusts. estimates say the storm will bring as much as a foot of snow to the highest point of the sierra today. >> with those winds, be careful. 4:34. crime fighting proposals that drew hundreds to a meeting last night. councilmembers are pushing the proposals to give application more crime-fighting tools. the measures would command the injunction to east and west oakland. anti-loitering ordinance. and create a day and nighttime curfew for juveniles. opponents fear an increase in racial profiling. >> there's a history of
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discriminatory law enforcement. when you tell the young people, one more law that the police can enforce against you, there's that concern. >> if we don't try how do we know it won't work? >> opponents asked the city to invest in activities and job opportunities instead. no word on a date when those measures will be tan up. san leandro police trying to find a -- find a promoter of a tattoo party after which three were shot to debt, three others injure at the corner of alvarado street and aladdin avenue early sunday morning. police talked about the promoter, oscar edwards right a since then he has turned off his phone. investigators want to ask him about people who were at party promoted on facebook. san jose police officer and former officer in custody. charged with embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from a charity fund. investigators say the officers
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stole more than $120,000 over a four year period from the latino peace officers association. one was the chapter president the other the treasurer. the theft was discovered after adult uncovered large cash withdrawals. >> we were hoping it was going to be one of those things where they were good at raising money. but bad at accounting. >> investigators state two men also deposited checks made out to the association into their personal bank accounts. both men deny those charges. the money is supposed to be awarded to kids going to college. the local chapter is now . assemblyman hill introducing legislation that would require imitation of -- federal safety recommendations involving plastic gas pipes. fire in august destroyed a unit in cupertino caused by a leaking plastic pipe known as
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-- manufactured decades ago. pg&e says it will replace the pipes next month in 1998 federal safety officials recommended that utilities phase out or develop a plan to replace the potentially brittle pipe after several fires. hill says pg&e and state regulators never acted on the recommendation. his measure will require them to do it. san jose's police and firefighter unions with it sit down with city officials to discuss a pension reform plan submitted by the unions last week with unions representing other workers. they claim the plan would save the city 467 million dollars and reduce pension costs over five years. the plan is a compromise to one proposed by mayor reid and would make modest changes for current employees. thundering noise and fast moving blur will announce the arrival of the blue angel team today. the pilots are scheduled to
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bring their f-18 fighter jets into sfo around 11:00 this morning. they will begin practicing tomorrow. performances saturday and sunday as part of the fleet week. >> thundering noise did you say? i hope not thunderstorms. >> no, twin jet engines that put out a lot of thrust. there could be thunder. >> yes. there's a different teen the thunder eric likes and the -- between the thunder eric likes and the thunder i like, obviously. we talked about how the rain would be exiting 5:00, 6:00, it is holding on to the forecast. latest update, as the sweep is moving through right now. a lot of ponding this morning. we have breezy conditions. this low diving through jet stream energized up to 180 miles per hour helped push that storm. at the ground narain cooled
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air brings the winds -- ground that rain cooled air brings the winds down. it is definitely breezy in some spots. 61 mountain view the rest of us mid to upper 50s. by the afternoon upper 50s to low 60s around clear lake, cloverdale, also san francisco and half moon bay. the rest of us mid to upper 60s scattered thunderstorms that could bring brief heavy rain and hail. smaller chance of this repeating tomorrow. clearing trend all that sun, dry and warmer weather friday through tuesday. live shot, chains are required. october, both directions of 80 from kingvale to trucke snow falling. golden gate bridge flooding reported at the toll plaza slick roads from san francisco to waldo.
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high wind advisories not only on the golden gate, bay bridge, $w -- both directions. a lot of flooding. we don't usually take a kingvale shot in early october. up next, the great fish caper. suspicious release of more than 40,000 salmon from a farm. authorities want to know why? incredible scene in the sierra. giant sequoias come crashing down a few feet from3q you disgust me. prove it.
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so we developed the new stainless look no touch handsoap system. our lysol no touch handsoap system automatically dispenses the perfect amount of soap, and kills 99.9% of bacteria, helping to stop the spread of bacteria all over your home. for healthy tips and more, visit . good morning. it is wednesday. live look at i-80 through berkeley head lies moving slower than usual. slick roads, drivers want to be careful, some puddles out there. sue will talk about those. mike is going to check out
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your chances for thunderstorms and showers throughout today maybe into tomorrow, all coming up. this morning, federal investigators will begin inspecting a helicopter involved in a deadly crash in new york's east river. the chopper was carrying four members of a family on a sightseeing tour of the city. the helicopter plunged into the water moments after take . the victims trapped in the backseat as the chopper sank she was celebrating her 40th birthday. rescuers pulled three other members of the family and the pilot out. mo no initial indication of a possible -- cause. authorities in marin county trying to figure out why someone would vandalize a local hatchery. operators say someone broke in some time monday and cut the nets of two holding spends. the vandals released 40,000 salmon in the way. the fish were being raised by students.
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>> they were proud of the project to have somebody come in and do this is a spoiler. the kids are going to be to be released the end of this month in a ceremony planned by the students. a trail in the sierra remains closed this morning. we'll show you why. that could ruin your day. you are looking at a giant sequoia that came crashing down in the forest friday. one of two trees that toppled near the popular trail of 100 giants within hours of each other. not clear why they fell. the trail has been closed until further notice. this video was captured by a german tourist who happened to be there at the time. some trees in that area are as high as 245 feet. i saw a lot of downed branches this morning.
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in the meantime. israeli scientist this year's winner of the nobel prize in chemistry. the discovery he made that scientists thought was impossible. ralph nader delivered controversial message at uc berkeley. why he says cal and other colleges should dump sports. >> amanda knox's first words after coming home. we love to eat, right? the company we keep can make some of us eat less. what a new study reveals about men, women and food, coming up. q
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affect over one million homes each year, causing a disgusting mess and hours of repair. the powerful formula in rid-x has enzymes to immediately break down waste and bacteria that work continuously to reduce tank build-up. use rid-x once a month and help save yourself from disaster. high temperatures, seattle, portland mid to upper 50s boston next cool spot salt lake , everybody else 70s, 80s, fargo 91, warmer than phoenix
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at 85. all major airports on time. delays to develop at sfo as soon as they find out, i'll let you know. if you are away check out and flight tracker at the bottom. israeli scientist winner of this year's nobel prize in chemistry. daniel shechtman was chosen for his discovery of quasi crystals -- crystals that researchers thought impossible. the scientist says his 1982 discovery changed the way chemists look at solid matter. shechtman is a professor at the israel institute of technology in haifa. the prize caps this year's science awards. new poll shows attitudes of post september 11 veterans and views of the war. the survey found a third polled say neither wars were worth fighting. 59% say after 10 years of
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combat america should be focusing less on foreign affairs and more on domestic issues. 61% consider themselves more patriotic than other people in the country. amanda knox is waking up in her own bed in seattle this morning for the first time in four years. knox was acquitted of murder in italy and released yesterday. john hendron has the latest. >> reporter: speaking for the first time as a free woman, home from prison, convictions for rape and murder overturned, she seemed at a loss for words. >> what is important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who believed in me. who defended me. who supported my family. >> reporter: it was a homecoming nearly postponed for decades. >> she is overwhelmed to be able to out and try to get back home where she grew up. >> reporter: freedom leaves the family chained to more
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than a million dollars in legal bills that forced amanda's divorced parents to take out second mortgages and run through credit cards and retirement accounts. there will be offers for movie and book deals. the big question is what next? john hendron, news that abc news. in arizona one dead following a -- highway pile-up police are blaming on a dust storm. freeway runs between tucson and phoenix. at least 15 people were hurt. the dust storm reduced visibility to near zero. the interstate was closed for several hours while crews treated the injured and removed vehicles. 4:50. sure you her the wind this morning and probably rain. >> hard to sleep for a while there >> it was kind of noisey at times. 4: . all is -- 4:51.
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all is quieter around san francisco still have breezes to contend with and leftover residual moisture from last night's rain. the solid line moving through the south bay just about nearing morgan hill and pulling out of san jose. monterey bay wet, highway 5, 25, interstate 5, highway 25, 152, 101, all those around that area going to be wet and tricky to travel through. 61 mountain view, rest mid to upper 50s. 61 monterey everybody else mid to upper 50s.:t we will have showers and storms with thunder, possibly small hail today and tomorrow. sierra snow storm ends tonight. calmer, brighter, warmer weather throughout the weekend not only here but up in the sierra. today upper 50s around ukiah,
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clear lake 60 half money bay everybody else in the mid to upper sixes too -- down to the monterey bay low to mid 60s around the bay inland from morgan hill, gilroy and hollister around the state steady rain moving through the central valley into l.a. by this afternoon into san diego and palm springs by this evening snow will continue in the sierra truth the afternoon 43° the high in -- tahoe today low to mid 60s central valley and to big sur. tonight showers will taper overnight moist when you head out in the morning leftover shower or two possible. wealth of 40s north bay valleys, half moon bay, fremont, everybody else low to mid 50s. here's what happened when were you sleeping. the front pushed through brought heavy rain couple of areas behind it, a swirl in the air mass here and here, these will ride down on this 180 mile per hour jet stream
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and energize the atmosphere and bring showers and thunderstorm. 7:00, tapering of the rain. developing around noon pushing through the afternoon into the evening. once it passes leftover shower or two overnight. the next system not as strong, will create showers through the morning into the early afternoon thursday. thursday evening, finished, gonna's it for a long time. look at the -- sun, temperatures warm 4° friday, another four saturday, another four sunday. doesn't look like the weather could be any better for fleet week. be careful out there here's sue with your traffic. good morning. live shot san mateo bridge high wind advisory. high winds reported on all the bay area bridges this morning. flooding around the bay. bay bridge toll plaza flooding at the toll, still light traffic, be forewarned, big
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pool of water before the plaza. southbound 17 redwood estates santa cruz man -- mountains "sig alert". redwood gulch to highway 35 shutdown. flooding in marin all lanes 101 at lucky drive. there's a lot of information there for you this morning. trees are falling not this one. it will live to see another day an old oak tree near menlo park will get a tunnel so a pipeline can proceed without having to chop that tree down. a plan to remove the tree spurred many protests from neighbors. the tree is about 150-years-old. the san francisco public utilities commission will pay $200,000 to dig beneath the roots. consumer add have it ralph nader says universities that
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are serious about education should think about depositing big time sports. he took that controversial position in a speech to 100 students and staff at uc berkeley. he says academics have become secondary at many schools. athletes are pampered and committed. he says dropping athletic scholarships would deflate a lot of the problem. new ordinance requiring cell phone companies to disclose radiation levels is on whole. a judge has granted a temporary injunction sought by lawyers representing the wireless industry they claim the first amendment protects makers from having to include information they don't agree with. earlier this year the world health organization say cell phone radiation possibly poses a cancer risk but admitted there is no hard evidence. officials say the industry is trying to keep people in the dark about vital health information. surprising link between men, women and food.
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researchers at indiana university of pennsylvania say women eat less in the company of men. they analyzed the eating habits of 127 college students alone and with company. when women ate with men they ordered 100 calories less than when they ate with other women. men at more with women than other men. the study appears in the journal of applied social psychology. >> i'm out of the norm. i eat more in the company of men. you feel like you can't keep up. >> you are married, you are not in that trying to attract men mode. that's what they are talking about. >> that's what i'm talking about too, i can keep up. >> i'm not going to comment any further on that you are right. community looks for answers after a 6-year-old girl is struck and killed in a crosswalk. the new plan to improve safety. >> reporter: rain and wind caused problems overnight. wrap-up, coming up.
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the government's new tactic in cracking down on local medical marijuana clubs.
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good morning. our first rainstorm of the season massachusettsed. it created a rude


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